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This model allows comfortable travel for people who use large amounts of equipment. It is the perfect space to store all the material, including blankets and saddle pads.


Its side handles and six wheels make it easy to move without having to lift any weight. Its wheels with brakes ensure that its position is fixed during transport and/or once its fixed position has been established.


Good solution for the daily storage of the material in your ranch or equestrian center.



  • Height-adjustable support for two/three saddles.
  • Top shelf for saddle pads and boot protectors.
  • Helmet and boot cabinet.
  • Multi-purpose side drawers.
  • Space for blankets and jackets.
  • Medication drawers.
  • 6-inch pneumatic tires; with brake for lateral movement.

Measurements without tire height: 120 x 60 x 125 cm (width/depth/height)

    • No dejar uso libre a menores de 16 años.
    • Evitar exposición a grandes cantidades de humedad.
    • Almacenar siempre en un lugar fresco y seco.
    • Limpiar unicamente con un trapo humedo con agua; evitar el uso de productos limpiadores.
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