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How can I order my products?


At E-KINO we have orders from our own site. Go to the products section and select the product of your liking. Follow the instructions to send your order and you will receive your payment order with the final cost by email. Send the receipt of your payment and wait 4-6 weeks and we will place your order on your doorstep!

Payments and Deliveries


  1. When placing your order, we ask you to indicate all the personalization details. A receipt of the purchase order will be sent to your email. Payment can be made by credit card, transfer or bank deposit or cash. Talk to your E-KINO advisor about the option that best suits you.

  2. Once your order is paid, you need to send proof of payment to your E-KINO advisor or to the email

  3. When we have your trunk ready, we will notify you and prepare the shipment. We currently ship orders all over the world, as each order is handled and shipped personally. If more information is required, talk to us through the space of contact and we will find a solution for you. Shipments may generate an extra cost, in that case, your E-KINO advisor will notify you and the corresponding cost must be covered before dispatching the trunk.

  4. The shipping address must be given in full and with references, at E-KINO WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for errors in the delivery address. The details of the delivery will be given personally by our team, treating each order in a particular way. 

  5. CHECK YOUR ORDER WHEN YOU RECEIVE IT. At E-KINO we work together with logistics companies, which provide their services for deliveries, any accident or error by the logistics company is not the responsibility of E-KINO. At E-KINO we will help you resolve the situation in the best way, but we ask you to be very attentive when receiving your products. Never sign the delivery order by the logistics company without first checking the trunk and making sure that it is in good condition, otherwise, take photos of the damaged packaging and the consequences of the trunk due to the mistreatment of the company logistics, and contact us directly (Contact).  

  6. In case of signing the delivery with the logistics company and not notifying the damage upon receipt, it will be the customer's responsibility to discuss the solution with the logistics company. 

Order and payment security


At E-KINO, the security of your information is paramount and we will ensure that you receive your product, which is why we work with specialized logistics teams to offer you the best service and shopping experience. 


Payments are received by bank transfer, deposit or card with the PayPal system and proof of payment must be sent to validate it.

Guarantees and Returns


If you are not satisfied with your product, we encourage you to go to the contact section and explain your situation to us. Our team will contact you and find the best solution to the problem in a case by case basis. 


All our products have a 6-month warranty on manufacturing defects. If you want to apply the warranty on your purchase, write to us at and explain the situation. E-KINO will decide, according to each case specifics, whether to repair or substitute the product. 


In the case of repair, the product has to be send over to E-KINO´s warehouse to have it properly repaired.

E-KINO may assist with shipping specifics, but it is not obliged to pay for any shipping costs that may occur. 


Our return policy allows you to send back your products if you are not content within the first 14 days after receiving them. Please bear in mind that products must be returned in the same shape as delivered and without a single use. They will go under a thorough check up at their return before proceeding with the reimbursement. 


E-KINO may aid the client with the shipping logistics, only in the case of a faulty product. 


In the case of personalized products with images, logos, names, flags, etc. you should contact our team in no more than 14 days after receiving your products. The client is aware that designs, names, logos were approved before the personalization of the product. Thus E-KINO is not obliged to accept personalized products in return, unless the product itself is damage or needs a repair aside of the personalization details. 


Reimbursements (in the case the product applies to the conditions previously mentioned) will be wired in a period of 14 working days, counting from the day E-KINO receives the product back and has done the check-up on the item. 


Estimated time for replacement products is 10 working days, if the product is in inventory, or 4 to 6 weeks if the product needs to be manufactured. 

Repair will be done as soon as possible, delivery time will be discussed with the client according to the repairs needed. 

In case of shipping damage, follow the instructions in the Payment and Delivery section. 

If this information did not solve your problem, please contact us for personalized attention.

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