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Tack Collection



Full Tack

Made with walls and roof of a light and fresh material. Includes dimples and chains to place it.

Choose + Customize + Travel

All our tacks can be customize with your brand and name.

Cortina de caballeriza para tack de equitación

Tack Curtain

Measurements: 130 x 200 cm (width x height)

Franja para caballeriza de caballos. Tack de concurso de equitación

Tack Strip

Measurements: 79 x 40 cm (width x height)

Tack de concurso para equitación bajo diseño

Big Tack

Measurements: 130 x 200 cm (width x height)

Bolsa porta vendas para caballeriza. Paquete de tack y cortinas de equitación

Bandage Bag

Measurements: 45 x 50 cm (width x height)

Tack de media caballeriza para concurso de equitación

Medium Tack

Measurements: 130 x 100 cm (width x height)

Tack Packs

We help you put together your package according to your needs. You can ask about our ready-made packages.

Grab your Collection!

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