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Social Responsability

Horseshoe Recycling Program

Within the program, used horseshoes are collected and donated by the owners of the horses that used them. The horseshoes are brought to the E-KINO facilities to undergo a cleaning and polishing process, then different items are assembled with them. Each item is unique, and bears the marks and tracks of the horses, thus showing the circle of support within the equestrian community.

The funds raised by the program go to CERLA A.C., an association that has been providing equine therapy for 22 years to children and adults with disabilities.

How Can You Help?


To obtain any of the items produced in the program contact us at 5541300167 or by

 email and ask for our available products!


You can find items for sale at

the stands in different events where

E-Kino has presence.


You can cooperate with your horse's horseshoes! Contact us to enter the collection network and let your horse

leave its mark to help.

For more information about CERLA AC visit its website

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