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More Than Tack Boxes


More Than Tack Boxes

Designed For Equestrians

Our products are designed with the equestrian lifestyle in mind; we listen to our customer's feedback to offer a product that meets their needs and most importantly, that they feel confident that their equestrian equipment will be in the best conditions when traveling to their competitions. Each of our products has collected global ideas, innovation and technologies; adding creativity

of Mexican engineering, promoting the national industry.

Adjustable System

All our trunks come with an adjustable system in the supports so you can adjust the level in which best suits your saddle without damage it.

All supports are lined with a particularly soft material to protect your saddle.

Personalize It

Choose it in your favourite color and add it your name, logo or ranch on a metal plate in the following sizes:

Square: 20 x 20 cm

Rectangular: 20 x 30 cm


All our trunks have special 6 inches wheels that help the rider to transport their material without difficulty. Made of resistant materials for any type of terrain.


In addition, they have breaks to fix the trunk in any desired place.

Mirrors and Blackboards

All our trunks have the option to add a mirror and blackboard.

We have different sizes:

1) Small mirror

2) Full mirror

3) Small blackboard

4) Full blackboard

6) Blackboard + Mirror


Security System

All our trunks feature pressure locks to protect your equestrian equipment.


They also give the opportunity to use the personal lock so that you decide who has access to your equipment. 


Details That Matter


All our trunks are waterproof on their inside and outside.


Surface easy to clean.

You can clean them with a damp cloth.


Bar on the door to put water bottles or cleaning tools.

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